Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Who Am I Really???

So, there have been a lot of quizzes going around FB, because I've got a lot of things to do, I've taken the bulk of them.

Here's what I've learned about myself:

I belong in Portland. At first, I was really upset about this, as I feel I belong in London, but then I read the description. "You are a free spirit, but not in the LA way, in the 'you’re probably more cultured than most of your friends' way. You’re up-to-date on all the latest coffee brewing techniques, have a long list of local blogs you love to read, and can taste the organic goodness in every bite you eat. Move to Portland already, you sexy smarty pants." I am a sexy smarty pants and I do love to eat organic while reading blogs, Portland it is.

I should be a professor. "You are a thinker, in constant search of knowledge and answers to life’s most illusive questions. You love to analyze everything, testing out theories and pushing mental boundaries. Basically you’re an Einstein, but then again you you already knew that." Well, yes, yes, I did, didn't I? Hahahahahaha...

I'm so smart that I don't relate to others well and I'm going to be the leader of a new race of cyborg-humans. I'm torn about whether that's going to be Battlestar Galactica Cylon style or Dr. Who Cypermen style...I suppose since I'm Sheldon it should be Cylons.

While I'd date and kiss myself some Gale, I loved Peeta from day one. Frankly, I think Peeta deserves better than Katniss, although they complete each other. Because I like Peeta so much it would only make sense that I'd be him if quizzes determined our personalities. And, I am quite the lover...of art and culture and people.

Because of this quiz I learned that I am full of sage advice, but I also have an ambitious dark side. Oh and I'm also smart and I believe in the power of love. This all seems fair and plausible. Thank goodness they didn't mention that I'm old and so on and so on...

Ok, ok, I get it, I'm loving, so much so, that sometimes witches poison me and make me fall asleep. That's OK, how else am I supposed to get the Prince.

And, while I was going for Princess Lela and Han Solo (I know, I know, I need Freud to decode that one), I am in total agreement with being Ben Kenobi. I am wise, I'm more than what I seem to be, I am sage with zen-like calm (too bad they don't know how much I work at that) and that I should be a teacher who wants communication.

I'm smart and trusting and I see the good in everyone. I'm strong and independent, but should stand up for myself more. I like this one because it waxes on and on and on about how I love to read.

I AM A LEADER! Jealous?! Fearful of the future?! Sense of Adventure?! Hmmm...I do believe life is a big adventure, I put others before myself and I am Andy's favorite.

YESSSSSSS!!! I am Spock. When I was a kid I thought I liked Captain Kirk better, I also thought Luke was a much better choice than Han Solo (dont' judge, I was young). I value internal struggles, I am self-reflective! Awesome sauce on a piece of awesome steak.

Feeling a little lost? Don't know who you are? Find these quizzes interesting? Want to waste some time doing something not so valuable? Go to Zimbio or Buzzfeed, excellent time-wasters and constant work diversions.

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