Friday, February 7, 2014

SoleHope 2014

That's my first ever class of freshmen and their BRIDGES mentors after a successful Jacket Time tracing patterns for shoes. The smaller pictures are students, Mr. Starnes, me and more students helping, helping, helping.

So, during Jacket Time last week the freshmen students cut out and created patterns for SoleHope.

What is SoleHope?


How did our students help?

In Class:

During Jacket Time:

What can you do?

  1. Plan a SoleHope party.
  2. Collect jeans for the cause.
  3. Have an awesome teacher who corrals and coordinates 400+ freshmen (see the above smiling lady, she deserves 5 Gold stars) into cutting and tracing categories. We were cafeteria (tracing), but there were also freshmen who cut the patterns out of the jeans.

She even designed a t-shirt...see 5 GOLD STARS!!!

Here is our coordinator from SoleHope, go to the website and contact yours for more information.

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