Saturday, October 5, 2013

Sorry to Bore You...

...but, I need to get a few things out of the way so I can begin to blog again. I am a writer really. I'm not sure my works will ever be published, I'm not sure that I think of writing as a profession, but I am a writer and not writing is making me live in Crazy Town population 1.

I started this blog for me therefore it doesn't really have a target audience, actually I don't really have a target anything--although I try to make it center around books and reading. I was having a hard time adjusting to being in a family and being married and I needed an outlet. You know somewhere I could have personal space and time without neglecting my work/friends/family...writing and reading are the only things that can occur anywhere and at anytime. I kept the blog going because it was like going to a counselor that gave really great advice and, writing about me (even writing about books that I read) has been and will continue to be therapeutic.

My personal life is busting my chops. I don't go into things lightly I pray about it and talk about it with all sorts of people. I did not decide to become a teacher without lots of thought, I did not decide to stay in Lebanon lightly and I did not go into my marriage lightly, so when one or all of these are not functioning properly stressful is an understatement. I don't really even want to blog about it as I hate it when I am wrong...and, it looks like I was wrong about a lot of things, and it will take the rest of the year and working to change my credit score to fix it all. Work life crossing into personal life. Ugh.

My work life is busting my chops. I have four preps. I need to get a news magazine out. We have 3 new teachers in our department. I'm a mentor. I'm on the PD committee. Literacy across the school building. Saturday work days. Sunday afternoon work days. Personal life crossing into work life. Vom.

I'm still amazed at the person who can be on all sorts of social media, have a job, have a have a life outside of social media and still blog daily...where are you finding the time? where can I score the kind of happy pills you are taking? And, I'm sooooooooooooooo behind in my reading...

So, what do I hope to be able to do from here on out?...I am still writing and still thinking and still enjoying life. I'm going to make time to write about that more as being in my head so much has caused me to be a killjoy and a has caused me to be a little less than the person I know me to be. On this new adventure expect writing about books, writing about my daughter, about my faith and school, just don't expect it daily or even weekly or on any schedule at all.

So, next week I'll get back to blogging about books/school/whatevs...promise.

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