Monday, October 7, 2013

"Felicity" #1-Q&A


So for about three weeks at the end of the last school year everyone of my status updates was about the show "Felicity". Although it had been recommended to me by several people, it wasn't until I stumbled upon it while grading that I realized that Felicity is the girl of my dreams...this week, I'll be talking all about "Felicity".

I'm starting with this survey...

Felicity Survey (By courtneybangelcakes)
Felicity Appreciation Thread #17

#1. Who is your favourite character and why? 

Ben...most character growth, most layered. And, he gets some of the best lines!

#2. Who do you like better -- Noel & Felicity or Ben & Felicity? Why? 

Ben and Felicity...true love, following your heart, being patient and not living your life for someone else are all good lessons that we learn from these two, besides I love a good passionate bit of yearning. With Felicity and Noel where is the yearning...sure, Noel pines, but pining isn't yearning.

#3. Which couple, aside from Felicity & her loves, did you really like together? Why? 

Meghan and Sean...they make me so angry! Actually, they make me so angry is such a realistic way! Argh!

#4. Which guy did you like Felicity with besides Ben & Noel (ie Greg, David, Owen, etc)?

um, none...what kind of question is that!? 

#5. Which couple didn't you like together? 

Elena and Tracy...I liked Elena and Trevor, though...hmmm...

#6. Do you have a favourite episode? Which one(s)?
#1..."The Aretha Theory"

#7. What is your favourite Felicity & Ben moment? 

"It's a time machine."

#8. What is your favourite Felicity & Noel moment? 

The Boggle Game

#9. Who is your favourite minor character (ie, characters only on for a short time, like Dr.Pavone, Guy, Molly, James, etc.)? 


#10. Do you have a favourite quote from the show? Which one(s)? 

"Okie doke" Julie says it soooo much that it's become part of my lexicon.

#11. Do you have a least favourite episode? involving Noel and Felicity or any where Ben looks crushed and hurt... *tear* SPOILERS: especially the one when he finds out that he's about to have a kid!

#12. Do you have a favourite song that was featured on the show? (Either on the soundtrack or not) Which one(s)?



#13. If you could step inside an episode and be Felicity and change things around a bit, what would you change and why? 

nothing and here's is embarrassing, we make brash decisions, we have to live with our mistakes and SPOILER: even if we can relive our moments and go back in time nothing big changes.

#14. Would you have liked Sean to end up with Julie instead of Meghan? Why or why not? 

no, because opposites are perfect for one another and Meghan cracks me up!

#15. What invention of Sean's did you think was the funniest? 

the Lact-Oh' are some more!

#16. What happened on the show that shocked you the most (ie Sean & Meghan getting together, Felicity cheating on Ben with Noel, etc)? 

SPOILERS besides Todd getting hit by a truck...Lauren actually being pregnant

#17. Do you think the show should've ended differently? How? 


#18. Who do you think was the best ACTOR on the show? Why? 

Scott Speedman, just watch any scene he's in...he's always in that moment and in that scene.

#19. What moment on the show made you really really happy? 

This whole entire montage really takes the cake!

#20. (final sum-up question) Why do you love the show so much?
It's real and I see myself in Felicity...where's my Ben?

So, how would you all answer these questions???

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