Tuesday, April 9, 2013

26 Books that Changed My Life: #8 The Little House Series

H: Home

I thought I would spend the month of April delving into the literature that has made me the person I am today.

1] In this list you will find some of my favorite books, but you will also find books that I appreciate and books that I would recommend although they may not be my favorite. These are books that changed my way of thinking or my way of looking the world. These are books that helped solidify the core of who I am.
2] These books are in order of the theme that I came away with not alphabetical by title or author.

About this book:
Aside from American author Laura Ingalls Wilder's original Little House series, several series of books for juveniles, young adults and adults have also been published. These separate series are fictionalized accounts of the lives of Wilder's great-grandmother Martha Morse Tucker, grandmother Charlotte Tucker Quiner, mother Caroline Ingalls, daughterRose Wilder Lane's childhood and teenage years and Wilder's own missing adult years. In addition, simplified versions of the original series have been published for younger children in chapter and picture book form.

Publication Date:  first book 1935

Why this book:

I am from Mansfield, Missouri...I'm pretty sure that I'm not allowed to not like these books. I remember in my earlier life knowing where people who knew her actually lived. It was pretty cool. We went to the house for our 4th Grade field trip and after my senior year of high school I worked at the Wilder Home and Museum. One of the best summer's ever. My feelings for Laura are not as passionate as the feelings I have for her daughter Rose, but I do understand that living in a town whose sole tourist attraction is Laura's home really does have an influence on me to this day.

Read more about my feelings on my hometown, Laura, Rose and the whole gang here, here, here, and here.


  1. I love, love, love that series. Such a huge childhood favorite!

    Happy A through Z posting.

  2. I love these books too. Got them when I turned 10, right as the TV show had just started too. I have always wanted to visit her homesteads but the closest I came was seeing the highway exit for the road that went to DeSmet, SD. We had no time to veer. I did see where her daughter Rose lived in SF though.

  3. I used to read these books over and over again. Thanks for the reminder! I loved them all!

  4. Not really big on reading a lot of books; I prefer a movie or an audio book!

    Great blog!

  5. I envy you...growing up in Mansfield, Missouri. I love the Little House series because as a child the pioneer life always fascinated me, and when as an adult I traced the footsteps of my own family's life in the Sandhills of Nebraska. Thanks for taking me back again!

  6. The Little House series was one of the few series I read as a kid. I just had to know which of the brothers Laura would pick. That seemed to go on for a 2 or 3 books....Have you read "Travels of Zenobia" by Rose Wilder? What an adventure for her and friend at a time when few women ventured out on their own.
    Thanks for dropping by Don't Be a Hippie. ;-)

    Don't be a Hippie
    Take 25 to Hollister

  7. I love the Little House books and re-read them every few years. I love all of the Rose books, too. I used to wish I lived on Rocky Ridge Farm!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your thoughtful comment! :) Happy reading and writing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines



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