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26 Books that Changed My Life: #20 The Class of '88 Series

T: Teen Life

I thought I would spend the month of April delving into the literature that has made me the person I am today.

1] In this list you will find some of my favorite books, but you will also find books that I appreciate and books that I would recommend although they may not be my favorite. These are books that changed my way of thinking or my way of looking the world. These are books that helped solidify the core of who I am.
2] These books are in order of the theme that I came away with not alphabetical by title or author.

About this series:
Five friends. Nick the golden boy, Celia the beautiful, Sean the thinker, Allie the wild, Meg the brave.


Brand-new Redwood High holds a different promise for each of them. Celia could be popular for the first time in her life--if she stops being Allie's friend. Nick could be a campus star--but only if he plays by someone else's rules...rules that don't include Sean. Meg has a chance to be a leader...and to be passed over by the boy she loves.

Together, they could have faced anything. But after freshman year, they may never be together again.


Celia flirts outrageously with Redwood High's #1 b-ball star. She's not really using him...she's just trying to get ahead. Meg's got a new guy, too. So what if Nick thinks he's too wild for her? Nick doesn't know everything about Meg. He doesn't know everything about his buddy Sean, either. Sean sees more than people think he does--especially about what's happening between L.P. and Allie.

When five friends make it this far together, why should sophomore year tear them apart?


Nick's wasating his time with girls who don't care, and cutting himself off from other people. Sean's about to do the same...if Celia has her way. Allie just came back from a semester in New York City, and she can't talk to anybody; maybe it's time for her to get out of Redwood Hills. And Meg's going out with the catch of the school....Too bad she thinks he's second best.

They're supposed to know where they're heading by junior year. But what if where they're heading isn't where they want to go?


Meg and Nick have stayed away from each other for four years. Finally they want to be together...and someone's stopping them. Celia and Allie are trying to be friends again. But they both have a date for the prom--with the same guy. Sean is a BMOC and valedictorian, yet he still wants revenge for freshman year. 

In high school they lost some hopes, some dreams, some fears. Now they have to hold on to the one thing they've got left--each other.

Publication Date:  1987

Why this series:
I first read this series when I was in 6th grade. We got those Scholastic book forms and they were on there for $.99 each. I bought a new one each time we received the catalog and the next semester I bought the next series (Class of '89 and Freshman Dorm series--they aren't as good). I immediately saw in these books aspects of my friends and I. I fell in love with these books and wouldn't lend them out, even though people asked to borrow them, for a long time.

And, I can see, having just finished watching the whole of the show 'Felicity' for the first time, that I love a good romance and a good group dynamic and in these five characters we see how friends should act and we see how childhood crushes can turn into real romance...maybe JJ Abrams has read himself some Linda A. Cooney.

I remember the first time I reread this series. I holed myself up in my room one Saturday during my Senior year. I had nothing, but a glass of milk and a few sandwiches. I read all four books in one day, cover to cover. It felt like high school and it felt real even though I was about to finish my own high school experience.

I've read these books every few years since...hmmm...it may be time to pull them out again. Wait, yes, I'm going to start reading them again right now.

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