Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Time to Say Good-bye...

So, there are/were three books that I started in 2011...three books that keep on staring at me every time I open up my Goodreads account...three books that I'm not going to try to finish...three books that I'm letting go.

They are *sad bugle notes, please*

The Mists of Avalon
Amount read: 94%...no, don't ask, I can't make myself finish it, I've tried...
Why I wanted to read this book to begin with?
I enjoy a good piece of feminist literature and I read an essay about this book that intrigued me, so when they needed a moderator for it. I volunteered. Nothing motivates you like others.

Why I'm not going to finish this book?
I didn't finish this book in 2011 and don't plan on doing so in 2012. I probably wouldn't have read as much as I did had I not been moderating it for a book group I am in. I love the premise, I love the first 150ish pages and then...well, it felt more like an anti-religious, feminist agenda than a retelling of the Arthurian legend; a legend I love deeply by the way. And, maybe that's the problem, I didn't realize I loved the story as much as I do until reading a book that turns it on it's head. I do like books about female power and don't mind anti-religious feeling and thought, I just don't like it disguised in a work of fiction...oh, unless it's by Ayn Rand than sign me up!

Amount read: 50%
Why I wanted to read this book to begin with?
Marilynne Robinson's prose is so beautiful and the story really is compelling. The torment that each of the main characters feel I felt as I was reading. It was really quite draining and made me sad as Jack (I believe his name is Jack, I'm not going to look it up to find out) reminds me so much of my prodigal uncle it's weird. I like how the sisters' faith is tested and she knows that the love she feels for her brother is right, and he has is own demons. I also enjoy the minister father and his unconditional love for his children.

Why I'm not going to finish this book?
It's a sequel. I didn't know. And, while I have read that each book can stand alone, I can tell you that I've felt at a disadvantage through-out this book and couldn't figure out why. I felt that everyone knew the secret and since I was new to town I wasn't let in on it. I got that he had a child, I got that he had a girl that left him or he left behind...I didn't get all the secrets until I found out about and read details about the other book.

The Scarecrow of Oz
Amount read: 9%
Why I wanted to read this book to begin with?
It's on The Gilmore Girls reading challenge. I thought it would be fun to read. I've read the books before this one and figured I'd remember enough to read this.

Why I'm not going to finish this book?
OK, this one I may finish someday, but I think I need to reread the ones that come before it...maybe I'll have a summer of L. Frank Baum.

There! I feel so much lighter!

Let it out...what books have you put down recently?

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  1. I love your fond farewell! How creative. This would make me feel not so bad about not finishing them to give them such a send off.



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