Monday, February 6, 2012

Superbowl XLVI with the Ladies!

For the record the game was on. I know that the Giants won. I loved the Clint Eastwood commerical as I am a sucker for good All-American sentiment, I did not love any of the commericals...just felt dirty afterwards.

However, here's what I really did Superbowl 2012.

Bought the ingredients for some Bittersweet inspired cupcakes.  The recipe is from the beginning of Chapter 16
Lights, Camera, Cupcakes. I switched out chocolate coca-cola cupcakes for yellow made with Mtn. Dew instead of water and chocolate frosting...semi-homemade like Sandra Lee and I like it. Below is what they looked like afterwards...popcorn and peanuts and M&Ms and Raisinets, OH MY!

My besties came over (Chris left to watch the game with the guys) and we had enough dips to feed an Army. The recipes for all three dips can be found here; the other two are from Wallie World. We also had Guac with extra cilantro, Gushers (for the kiddo), and a meat and cheese tray. Yes, that was enough food to feed the four of us ladies, the kidlet and that army from 300.
We graded, read books, sorta watched the game (I think we saw all the major catches and that strange touchdown at the end), watched Madonna and Matthew Broderick (boy, I'm getting old), you know all the important parts were not missed. Lila Jane helped clean up afterwards (yes, she was still awake, frankly, she was still awake 2 hours after the Superbowl...maybe it was all those Gushers and cupcakes and cookies and dip).
Hope we do it again next year, ladies!!!


  1. Looks like you had lots of fun. And the cupcakes look delicious. Gotta make those for one of the munchkins birthdays. We kinds watched like you did. Loved the half time show...

  2. I am with Lynette...for 53 she still can move and look good at the same time. In other words I liked it. The ending however...Cupcakes looked good, good job Steph...I can imagine what Lila was like, with all the attention probably on her. Glad you had fun...sorry I missed it!



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