Saturday, February 18, 2012

Six Word Saturday #34

My life in six words
Would've been here sooner, but I...

Want to play along? All that's necessary to participate is to describe your life (or something) in a phrase using just six words. For more information, try clicking here. Feel free to explain or not explain. Add an image, a video, a song, nothing. The full list and linky can be found here. And, here's where I found it.


  1. I, too, am a fellow Pinterest addict. Enjoy!

  2. so, i found you on pinterest...don't be alarmed at all the repins! :D

  3. ... but I (used up all of my Six Words!). XD, Stephanie!
    I won't be up on Pinterest yet. Not until a kid or grandkid's antics there gets my attention. FB, FB for Bloggers, e-Bay auto searches, and three blogs are enough computer monkey business for me.

    It does do other stuff too you know. And then I've been neglecting serious writing. Reading too for that matter. :)

  4. me too me too me too me too
    don't you just love it?

  5. I love it! :) Must go find you and follow you now...haha...that sounded like a stalker!

  6. Jim, you crack me up!

    and, the rest of you...hope you have found me or I have found you on Pinterest...carry on with the pinning! :D Karen, you must try it! :D

  7. I've had a peek at Pinterest, maybe I need to look again and see what all the fuss is about

  8. I'm quite familiar with the timesuck that is Pinterest. And I don't know that I've ever loved another site quite so much. I would've been here sooner, but I was also probably there instead.

    Thanks for playing 6WS!

  9. Enormous time-sucker, lol, Pinterest is! Nice blog...found you through the A to Z linky list :-)



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