Friday, February 3, 2012

Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend!

"Oh, thanks ever so."
I love diamonds. Those of you that know me are either shaking your head in furious affirmation or you've got your head cocked to one side thinking, "Hmm...she doesn't seem like the diamond type as she will wear the same pair of jeans all week without washing them and will eat food that's been sitting out for hours like she's a college student, I've seen her do it!" I suppose stereotypically I'm really not the diamond type. To that I would say that there really shouldn't be a type...everyone should love diamonds. I don't think this makes me, or anyone who feels this way, shallow.

I realized that I loved diamonds when I was a little kid. I would say it started with those fake jewelry pieces that you could get in plastic from Wal-Mart. My favorite set came from like my 4th birthday had a red wallet with a diamond clasp, a bracelet, earrings and a lovely ring. I had that set for years. The bracelet was my favorite part. I loved the weight of it on my wrist and the way it sparkled when I would hold it underneath the lamplight. My love of this gem progressed further after watching Marilyn Monroe, as a 10 year old I remember thinking that she, with her curvy body and sensual grace, was the most exquisite of all human beings. Her characters aren't flawless, they dress to kill and they, especially to my younger self, are independent and feminine. My favorite combination in any female. She makes women in the limelight nowadays look cheap or like little girls...don't believe me, just put her next to the likes of Kim K., Kiera Knightly and Natalie Portman. Why do people think Angelina Jolie is so amazing? It's because she exudes all the awesomeness of Marilyn.

"The Sparkling Diamond" ~ Moulin Rouge! [Source]
Here's how I picture the two extremes of the 'diamond lover'...either you're a Lady Beekman or you're a Lorelei Lee. If you don't know who these people are go watch Gentlemen Prefer Blondes...then come back...I'll wait.

Lady Beekman
Rich enough to buy all the diamonds that you see/want/need. The Lady Beekman types are covered in diamonds even when they are wearing jeans and gardening (I have an actual story about a woman who lost her diamond tennis bracelet while gardening).
Positives: sparkles...literally, knows her diamonds inside and out, generous to a point.
Not So Positives: May actually be wearing conflict diamonds...may not care that they are conflict diamonds, will take that diamond tiara right off your head, even if she knows that her husband gave it to you.

Lorelei Lee
Yearn for diamonds, but can't afford them on her own.
Positives: sweet and cheerful, how could she not be when there are so many diamonds in the world, the life of the party...if you are friend to or married to or dating a Lorelei there is NEVER a dull moment.
Negatives: May marry for money first, love blinded by the sparkle.

And, where do I see a Lorelei Beekman; somewhere in the middle of course.

Lorelei Beekman
Has diamonds, ask for diamonds on special occasions, loves diamonds...will wait years to get the one she wants.
Positives: researches her diamonds before she buys them, doesn't wear her diamonds around (you will never see me gardening in my diamond tennis bracelet), understands that diamonds are more than just the sparkle. They are commitment (normal people have to save to buy diamonds) which means you should think about who you are giving them to and why you are doing that, and they symbolized solidarity (diamonds can cut glass) and trust; a diamond on your finger says that you trust that the person who gave it to you is yours forever.
Negatives: Knows just enough about diamonds to be deadly...just ask Chris to tell you all about looking for an engagement ring.

Of the 4Cs (clarity, cut, color and carat) I'm all about the cut. The proper cut can hide the biggest flaw and can give the most sparkle. Favorite cut; princess. Favorite diamonds, please look below...

And, frankly, it's the stories of the above diamonds that interest me far more than their beauty. Feel free to look them up...the most interesting...The Hope Diamond.

The stories in a nutshell...
The Hope Diamond
Those that have owned it have been cursed and died horrible deaths having been thrown from cliffs or eaten by wild dogs or killed by their own hand, usually with a knife.

Tiffany's Bird On A Rock
A 287 karat yellow diamond that was studied a year before it was cut down to a little under 150 karats. It has 90 facets and was worn by Audrey Hepburn.

Great Star of Africa
Part of the Sceptre with the Cross, which holds all the British crowned jewels.
Why all this talk about diamonds?
It all started on our one and only (so far) snow day and we were at the truck stop. We'd already spent a couple of hours eating breakfast and rehashing snow days of old and, as usually happens when there's a large amount of girls and only one boy, we began talking about girlie things. Cat fights and clothes gave way to Bath and Body Works lotion (another topic I can talk about for hours) which always leads to diamonds. The only guy said, "I don't understand the big deal about diamonds." And, here we are...

How does my love of diamonds play into my everyday life?
I suppose my attitude about diamonds plays into my every day life in the sense that I don't really settle for less than what I know to be perfect, exemplary and perfectly shiny. Everything in my life sparkles.

So, I ask, do you have a love of diamonds or something similar? What's the history of your glittery love?


  1. “Everything in my life sparkles.” Oh, that’s the attitude! There’s always a reason why we love diamonds. As for me, I love to wear my ring not because it’s pretty or expensive, but because it was given to me as a representation of an unbreakable love. So, Stephanie, I know why we consider that gem our best friend. =)

  2. I absolutely love that diamonds are a representation of unbreakable love! adding that onto my list of awesome-tastic reasons! thanks! :D



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