Saturday, December 3, 2011

Pinterest! *fist of fury* Oh How I Love Thee!

OK, so remember my post about Christmas gifts for my department found here?

Thanks to one of my former students and dear friends, I am now on Pinterest...I have tried not to be on Pinterest because I knew I would never ever leave.

What is Pinterest you ask?

Pinterest appeals to my...
1. deep down need to be organized and my inability to do that anywhere except for on paper
2. craftiness
3. scrapbookishness
4. need to decorate the house so it actually looks like a girl lives here
5. need to make list and then categorize those list and then categorize those sublist
6. need to devote more time to me and what I enjoy
7. love of food, good food...fooooodddd!
8. love of all things seasonal and holiday
9. collecting spirit
10. my internet obsession

If you are so inclined you can follow me here.

Thanks Chrissy!!! And...

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