Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Blogiversary!!!

Hoorah!!! I celebrated by shopping for Christmas presents...I'm behind in all aspects of life...

How should the blog celebrate you ask? With a giveaway, of course, I'll be posting more on that in the next week...I have to figure out how to do a giveaway...any advice would be helpful...I know what I'm going to give away...

For right now, have a virtual cupcake...I'm going to go wrap presents...


  1. Happy Blogiversary! very hard to get blogging done this time of year...cupcakes sound like the right choice, lol. Enjoy the holiday!

  2. Happy Blogiversary! and Merry Christmas! I am doing my first giveaway with a book and I am using the new Rafflecopter. Seems to be working pretty good. check it out here
    oh and the cupcakes were delicious! :)

  3. Thanks, Peggy! I'll at that more closely after today, but it seems easy-peasy!

    bookspersonally, it is hard! enjoy your holiday!

  4. Happy Bloggyversary! Has it been one year? :)

  5. yes, one year of blogging and reading and commenting about my life and doing delicious memes...:D



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