Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Day in 20 Steps...or, Why I Post So Friggin' Late!

Starting next week, I'm going back to a 30-day challenge on Wednesday. Not, having something set to write about in the middle of the week, really does make blogging every day hard...but, for now I'd like to share with you a typical day in the life of Stephanie Hasty, teacher/mother/wife/friend extraordinaire, and for a fun challenge I'm going to do it in 20 steps!

1. Get woken up in the middle of the night, as we have put the tiny tot in her toddler bed and she escapes (I hear this stops...eventually), but for now as if by some CRAZY internal alarm...she wakes up around 2am demanding a drink and saying, "I need to watch Dora". Not cool.
2. Wake-up officially at 6.30ish...check FB, check Goodreads respond if there's time or something pressing...check school email as I don't want to be bombarded by something new on that front as I walk in the building.
3. Shower.
4. Pick out clothes for the kidlet (as Chris does not like to pick out clothes for her).
5. Do the other mundane task that are required before one can leave the house.
6. Drive to school...forgetting that I didn't brush my teeth. This happens often, so often in fact, I have a toothbrush and toothpaste at the school...
7. Brush teeth before school starts and look at the list of task I have created for myself...these are usually grading task, or communication task.
This is my planner...I'd be lost without it...
it's pretty and I got it at BN.
8. Realize that these tasks have nothing to do with what is really going on during the day and make a note to complete the list at a later date...this is how I just now scheduled an orthodonist appointment for this month, although they wanted me to in late July.
9. Teach.
10. Get off track...sometimes on purpose, sometimes due to stress, sometimes it goes unnoticed until too late.
11. Want to nap during conference, instead grade papers, address concerns that I didn't expect to happen when school started. Today's prize winner...the children were out of the building selling ads for the paper, a business in town called to talk to me about how one of them was dressed. We then had to find said student and have a chat. I did this when there were literally 100 other task I should have been doing.
12. Remember a meeting that totally escaped my mind.
13. Remember to write sub plans for a day that  I forgot I was going to be gone, as it was not a day I scheduled, but a day that was scheduled for me for PD purposes.
14. Stay at school too late, be the last parent to pick up my kid...again.
15. Think about writing a blog post.
16. Come home and remember that we needed milk, go back out.
17. Get gas...maybe...depending on whether I brought only money for milk.
18. Want to nap, but the kiddo is really happy to see me so we play outside, have a snack, watch Elmo
19. Dinner...tonight it's beans and weenies...I am a master chef.
20. Fall asleep in the front of the I'm grading/kid in hand.



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