Sunday, September 18, 2011

Last Week in a Nutshell #3

One] Last week was my friends' birthday. Another friend of ours hosted a party for her and, with Lila as the floor show how could anyone there not have a good time? We watched "Bolt", watched Lila carry around two dumb bells that each weighed 10 lbs. (she's less than two years old, so that's like 1/3 of her body weight), we watched her 'colorings', ate chocolate ganache covered chocolate cake and my friend opened up tons of lovely, Stove Top (her favorite), books and lots and lots and lots of Mountain Dew...and, she says she's trying to quit!

Two] I don't need to tell all of you that this is Lila's first obsessive movie...I think it's a little strange, but shouldn't have expected anything less as Chris loves (I mean loves!) this movie and many years ago we scoured the country side looking for it (only to have it burn in a fire) and then Wal-Mart started carrying it. I'm afraid that since this movie encompasses elements of Christmas and Halloween I'll be watching it way past its expiration date. However, it was soooo cute last evening when Jack was singing his lament and she was singing most of the words and doing some of the actions. I'm pretty sure her daddy was beaming...his eyes may have even been a little misty.

Three] My mother loves, loves, loves Johnny Mathis. I think that he, along with a handful of Westerns, is what she took with her from her childhood. It seemed that everytime he was in Branson she was somewhere else, doing something else, but not this year! My sister that she lives with and I have conspired to bring her here to watch Johnny Mathis in concert at The Mansion in November. This has got to be the first concert my mother's been to since Johnny Rivers (what's with the Johnnys, Mother?) was at Dog Patch USA. Woot!

Four] Audrey's Spot for Recipe Tips and Hints is a pretty delicious (every pun intended!) blog where she talks about food and recipes. She makes tasty treats that you can actually serve to your family and probably already have most of the ingredients for in your pantry. She is brave enough to post pictures, that she claims are sub par, of the food she makes and tells you who in her family liked what foods and why. She talks about what recipes work and don't work for her, she post lots of non-dairy ones like this Spinach Broccoli Casserole and she is kind enough to post lovely comments to my blog!

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