Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I'm in grading pergatory...but there's no reason why you have to be there with me!

I'm reading Rob Lowe's autobiography (Hey, don't judge! It's friggin' awesome!). While I grade feel free to...

Look at this...

I don't feel comfortable telling you what my
12 year-old brain thought of this picture!
Or, read this...Chapter One can be found at Oprah and, my friend Amanda tells me that his family was on the show and the interview was fantastic! Darn you Oprah, darn you!!!

Or, listen to this...Vanity Fair has Mr. Lowe reading an excerpt from said

And, did you see this cover? about aging well...

Well, off to grade some ENJOY yourself!!!


  1. Not much on the man myself, he nice looking but nothing to write home to Mom about, if'n you know what I give me Alex and I'll write anyone that wants to read it!

  2. I could put much on the man...myself ;-)

  3. ditto, kim, ditto

    and, nellie, i have no idea what you mean...rob lowe's so hot, i want to write the president so he knows...



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