Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Vacation is a time for yearning...

          OK, so if I remember the story sister's husband received a certificate for an iPad, they used that certificate and upgraded to an iPad 2...whatever the story is I want one (I've been playing with Kim's all week long, frankly, I'm not sure I've put it down, as Kim takes the laptop to work), it does almost everything I want it to do (and, I hear that if you buy accessories for it, it can do even more)...Lila wants one too! Hmmm...Christmas wishes!


  1. My son-in-law has one...and I think he pretty much loves it. It is lighter weight than a lap top and so easy to travel with.

    Now if they didn't cost so much...we could all get one! (:>)

  2. I want one too but have no excuse to buy one, sadly!

  3. I agree with both of you...since we have a laptop and Nooks it seems incredibly impractical to get one...sad day! :(



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