Monday, December 1, 2014

Holiday Confessions and Randoms Acts of Kindness, er maybe the other way around...

First the Kindness

For more information you can visit Coffee Cups and Crayons, but this calendar is a simple way to get the whole family involved in the Spirit of Christmas while neither breaking the bank or your budget. There is also a Advent chain to go along with this theme. Can't wait to start!

And, now for the confessing

The other day I was scrolling through FB and people were posting things about Will Arnett. I watched all the videos and scanned the internet for more. After about an hour of Will Arnettedness I came to the following realization and posted it on FB.

One of my dear friends (read her blog here) got the idea to do this for the Holiday Season, because really can't it be so stressful and this is just a fun way to relax? Several of us are now sharing these on FB. Want to play along?...there's only a few rules:

1] It must be a confession. 
A confession is: "a statement made by a person or a group of people acknowledging some personal fact that the person (or the group) would ostensibly prefer to keep hidden" or as Scary Mommy puts it here. It can be a confession about the holidays or just in general. We're calling them Holiday Confessions because we are posting them over the holidays.

2] Post it somewhere on Social Media.
Play for all 25 days, for 20 days, once a week, whatever suits you, just let the world know about it. Feel free to tag me if you would like (Twitter handle: @smj274). So far the confessions I've read have been pretty darned awesome. You can even post them below in the comments! Hashtag on FB: #thisjustgotreal or #itjustgotreal Twitter: #HCs2014

(can you tell it's a snow day here?)

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