Thursday, December 4, 2014

Holiday Confession #4

I read a lot of stuff talking about the evils of Disney as a corporation, I read a lot of stuff about the evils of Disney and its treatment of teen girls and objectification of women. So much Disney hate...and, yet, I all I know are the wonderful things about Disney and how Disney directly and indirectly shaped my youth.

1] Hayley Mills
2] Annette Funicello
3] The Edison Twins
4] Disney Channel Premiere and Original Movies as old as "The Night Train to Kathmandu" and as recent as the "High School Musical" trilogy.
5] All those wonderful cartoons...including "Silly Symphonies", you can watch one of my favorites below:

6] All those wonderful animated feature films
7] The Princesses...seriously, I love them.
8] I love the Disney store.
9] The Swiss Family Robinson
10] Herby

I just think about all the things I learned from Anne of Green Gables and Natty Gann and Spooner and the Man from Snowy River (all movies I first saw on the Disney Channel) and I just can't help it. I want my kid to have those same all. the. time.

Disney makes me happy.

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