Thursday, April 10, 2014

Educational Buzzwords...I: Interactive Notebook

What is an Interactive Notebook?

Interactive notebook. (in’ter-ak’-tiv no¯t-bu˙k) n. 1. A collection of notes taken from reading, listening, discussion, and viewing, including corresponding responses, either in graphic or written form. First
introduced in Addison-Wesley’s History Alive! 2. Daily journal-type recording of student-written class notes from reading, lecture, and discussions, and the reflective and metacognitive responses students
make to their own note taking.

Our notebooks have two levels...a writer's notebook (for daily writing assignments, vocabulary, grammar practice--anything that involves writing and processing) and a section for hand-outs, worksheets and so on.

Below are the guidelines we give the students.

I've also started a Journalism Interactive Notebook.
Here's a great place to start; this is especially true if you like a good foldable.

Of course, none of these ideas were originally mine, I've just adjusted them to suit my own needs in my classroom.

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