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Educational Buzzwords...B: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Social Media in the Classroom

So, I'm spending the month of April digging into the world of education. These are not just buzzwords, but they are educational concepts that have helped me perfect myself as a teacher.

I am coming a little late to the party, to be honest, I totally forgot about the A to Z Challenge and am hoping to get caught up this week.

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B: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Social Media in the Classroom

Social Media is...everywhere.

As a teacher of Scholastic Journalism, I've never understood the fear that schools/parents/humans have of students, teachers and their interactions via blogs, Google Drive, email and social media.

I like the idea of BYODs, which makes it easy for schools to go 1:1 as it helps schools bridge the gaps for those that don't have the means to incorporate technology in their homes or the ability to bring that technology to school.

BYODs and 1:1 schools address so much, if we let them.

A school that is preparing their students for the 21st century trust their teachers and trust their students to a] make responsible decisions on social media and b] have the proper consequences when they--both--don't. A school that wants to truly wants students to learn about the power of social media has a social media policy that enables everyone to learn and it doesn't punish the process.

Too often though, we get bent out of shape when students use social media to bad-mouth the school, its teachers and its policies (forgetting all about free speech and the old adage 'Sticks and stones make break my bones...'). We forget that we've got a responsibility to educate students about time and place and the ins and outs of what constitutes good criticism. We also forget to listen when students speak. Too often we take what one student or teacher does has a reason to stop the learning of the rest of the masses.

We have to stop being afraid of technology and social media communication between parents and teachers and students in and out of the classroom.

We have to understand that good teachers make the right choices, good teachers understand the value of social media in the classroom and good teachers love communicating with their students...we don't even mind doing it 24/7.

Honestly, and this is a sobering thought, those 'bad' teachers/students will manipulate the situation no matter what and imposing regulations that limit the ability of students to achieve and prepare for the 21st century only hurts the classroom. It only hurts the learning.

So, anyway, BYODs and 1:1 schools are a great place to start...unlocking FB on school devices wouldn't be a bad place to go either. Of course, having social media lessons in place to teach all that proper conduct that most grown-ups understand wouldn't be bad either.

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