Tuesday, July 3, 2012

55 Books in a Year: Book #34 Kiss Me I'm Irish

Through one of my friends I Goodreads I found and joined a group titled The Knights of the Round Table. This book has been created to give people books to read in exchange for honest reviews. If you want to know more information check it out.

There were two books up for grabs for review and the minute I researched this one I knew that I wanted to review it. A strong-willed Cornish girl, Emily, is propelled into the future when she accidentally stumbles upon a time portal. She is glad to have escaped being sent to a convent, but is perplexed by modern America (Tennessee to be exact), its scantly dressed women and its convenient amenities (there's a scene with a toilet and a shower that is just hilarious). Of course, all of that changes when she gets to know Liam a dobro playing (I'm not sure why there isn't a dobro on the cover) Irish boy and Emily has a thing for Irish boys just ask the stable boy or the footman or her pompous great-aunt.

So, Emily gets propelled to the modern day South were things aren't at all what they seem to be and Liam isn't at all like all the other Irish boys. First of all, he runs hot and then cold and then hotter than hot and when he plays the dobro she can't help but think if him inapproriately. Add to this the pixie that got her there in the first place, Liam's sister, a band in need of a big break and scary coin dealer in need of gold and you've got all the fun and adventure for this story.

I enjoyed all three main characters (Liam, Emily and Tinker), and frankly I enjoyed the story of magic and schmoopiness and lovely music.

Adorable light summer read, perfect for a lazy Saturday when one should be doing productive things like cleaning the living room or doing laundry. I still feel all smiley.

If you really want to get in it go to Bella Street's website and go to the Kiss Me, I'm Irish page, she's got a playlist and everything.

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