Sunday, March 17, 2013

30 Days of Truth: Something People Seem to Compliment You Most On

I found this meme here and here.

Eleven: Something People Seem to Compliment You Most On

I dunno.

What is a compliment anyway?

What should you do when you receive a compliment?
OK, so now that we've got these basics done. I have a confession...I have no idea what my favorite compliment is a] I don't take compliments well b] I hardly believe them when they are told to me and c] I don't like/feel I need/want compliments; they make me feel weird and they make me blush and I'd rather just know than be told, you know!?

I don't receive them very well...don't, I don't give them very well either. Er...gah...

Huh, I didn't realize I felt that way until I began typing.

So, the other day I was wearing these gray sport shorts, you know those mesh track short thingies that I would never wear in public as I have thunderiffic thighs. It was like 80-degrees the other day and Lila and I were playing around and I was in the shorts and playing and cleaning the house and just being.

Yesterday, I said to Chris that I really needed to finish cleaning and he said, "Where are your shorts?" And, I said, "In the laundry room, why?" and...he just looked around and I knew what he was getting at, you know!? 

That's kind of a compliment right. And, it's the best kind as it wasn't direct.
I prefer the subtle to the overt. It's definitely more real and more believable can bet I went and got those shorts out of the dirty clothes.

I'm not sure this little story addresses the prompt, but it does make me like my husband a little more, so that's a plus. It's also made me realize that I should be better at giving and receiving compliments.


  1. I need to learn how to accept compliments-- I suck at it.

    Damyanti @Daily(w)rite
    Co-host, A to Z Challenge 2013

    Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  2. I am not very good at accepting compliments either! But I try to give them as much as possible. :) Great post and wonderful blog!

  3. I appreciate comliments! It makes you feel good and even if you don't think or feel that way about yourself, its just nice that someone else does!

    Thanks for sharing, Stephanie!

    Have a blessed weekend! Hope you have a prosperous week at school!

  4. I'm just awful at receiving compliments. I compliment others all the time, but just can't seem to take one, for some reason. Great post :-)



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