Sunday, March 10, 2013

30 Days of Truth: Someone You Need to Let Go or Wish You Didn't Know

I found this meme here and here.

Ten: Someone you need to let go or wish you didn't know

Ok, ok, ok...there is this parent of a former student. This parent was a royal pain in my behind for like 3 quarters of the school (ie. most of the school year)--I don't want to get into it, but, wow parents who teach, and obviously of lots of time to spare,! I tried deflecting, I tried being charming, I tried proof, I tried helping, I tried meetings (lots of meetings)...I screamed at home a lot. I no longer have that student in class (haven't for years). I wish I didn't know the parent, though. Sometimes I imagine that I run this particular person over with my car--Ally McBeal style with thumps and crunches and flailing...of course, that's when I realize that maybe I've been watching too many violent shows and movies. Um, I probably really need to let this person go though and stop giving this person the evil eye when I see this person in public (when you live in a small town seeing someone you despise in public happens more than I care to think about at the moment). Of course, living in fear of seeing this person in public was replaced by the evil eye and this deep-seated hate, which felt like a win, but I realize, as I type this, that it really wasn' just means I still think about the hurt and pain, but have found a different outlet.

I don't have to talk to this person to let them go, right, right??? I'm not sure I'm there yet...but, I suppose, I can stop that car fantasy and I suppose I can stop thinking of this person's name as a cuss-word.

I just wish I didn't know this person and then I wouldn't have to worry about letting them go. Ugh.

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