Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Classroom Booksource...book organizing Heaven


Because of all the money we have been receiving to flood our classes with choice read books, we needed to find an easy way to keep track of everything. My colleague found this website (I believe via Pinterest...what did we do before Pinterest?) where you can upload existing lists, add books via an app on your phone and then allow your students to check those books out. While it took me a few days to upload and organize all of my books and while I had to hand-key the info on several, I look forward to using this system for all my book organizing needs.

Some plusses:
1. Digital organization...this means as long as I have access to the internet, I have access to my library.
2. I'm even checking out my classroom books through this site. Everything is digital.
3. Easy to manage. I can import my rosters into my secure site.

Areas that need improvement:
1. The book info for each book...I haven't quite figured out how to add information that is missing (like you can on GR), but there are several books that are missing images, Lexile or other information.
2. The time it takes to put in all the information.

Overall, truly the hours I spent all these books categorized is already paying off. I can easily export an Excel spreadsheet to give to my department head of every book in my classroom. Score!

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