Monday, August 13, 2012

Back to School, Back to School...

School starts on Wednesday. I have to be back today and tomorrow for 100,000 meetings and such. So, I'm again going to have to part ways for a few days. I'll be back Sunday...even farther along in Infinite Jest (I'm on page 529, right now!) and, um, I'm sure I'll want to talk about something schoolish.

Until I return, here's an excellent playlist  (part of the songs were on this gnarly--yes, that word is appropriate right now--CD I received at a conference break-out session):

Saved By the Bell Theme  Silver Screen Symphony
I Missed the Bus Kris Kross
What is this you ask? Ah, come on...
7:00 AM Jacqueline Taieb
Fifteen Taylor Swift
Cool to Be Uncool The Jimmies
Another Brick in the Wall Pink Floyd
I Don't Wanna Go to School The Donnas
School Nirvana
Harper Valley P.T.A. Jeannie C. Riley
Hot for Teacher Van Halen
Campus Vampire Weekend
School's Out Alice Cooper
Ghost World Aimee Mann
Kodachrome Paul Simon
Teacher Teacher .38 Special
Let Me Die In My Footsteps Bob Dylan
To Sir, With Love (From "To Sir, With Love") Lulu

See you Sunday!!!

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