Thursday, January 12, 2012

Snow Day...#1 (see how I'm hoping for more???)

It's January...and, this is our first Snow Day...what weird weather we've been having...

What to do today?
1. Eat...we have all the ingredients, I feel like God wanted us to have a snowday, so we'd have time to make  and eat these...A-Men!

[Cinnamon Roll Pancakes]
2. Various chores around the house (finish dishes, fold laundry)
3. Take a nap.
4. Watch various TV shows on Netflix or in my own personal collections (Ally McBeal followed by the Rockford Files followed by the X-Files...anyone? anyone?)
5. Play with the kid...she'll probably be up by then...hmm...or does she go to daycare? Choices, choices...
6. That decision will require another nap.
7. Shower...maybe...
8. Finish some blog posts I've been working on.
9. Read.
10. School work...maybe...


  1. hmm, in the snowy, you are trapped in the home, can go to make snowmen?

  2. Snow days, never ever had one of those...even growing up in Germany where it does get pretty cold and snowy...but we do get Hurricane Days now, which I really don't like because it means a hurricane is on the way!!!! :)

  3. skywind, strangely enough there wasn't enough snow to make was just sooo cold!
    susi, a snow day is always a good thing, until the end of the year, when we have to make them up. a hurricane day does not sound fun at all. i find it very interesting that Germany doesn't have any snow days...they are just part of the culture here in the Midwest.



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