Sunday, January 8, 2012

It's Time to Go Book Shopping!

I've got about $500 to spend on books for my classroom which means I can buy YA novels, Adult Contemporary, Classics...all the genres you can think of...where do I start? What do you suggest I buy?


  1. OMG that would be my favorite part of being a teacher! Where to even start! How old are your students??

  2. James Patterson: Maximun Ride Series. The last one comes out in Feb.

  3. Emily, my students are Sophomores...Honors (preAP) and Regular, so truly the taste are all over the place...and, yes, it is the best of many, anyway!

    Nellie, how many are there? Wait, I'll research that and get the first few, at least! :D

  4. I'm starting with Scholastic this year. I wanted to get the most for the money right away! Plus you earn bonus points that can be spent on MORE books, so that's a definite win. I've got a bunch on my shelves so far. You're welcome to come check them out anytime!



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