Wednesday, November 23, 2011

So Many Actions to be Thankful for..

So, someone on Twitter RT'd this lovely post from The Good Men Project called "'Thanks' Is an Action Word, check it out here.

I thought I'd make own list of thankful moments with family and friends.


I enjoy those nights I come home from a long day at work and Christopher is cooking dinner (which means he not only dropped her off, but he also picked her up from daycare) while the kiddo plays with her toys in the dining room floor. I like that at these times I feel that I have a truly Modern Man who understands that I work just as hard as he does.


Over the summer my aunt, sister, eldest niece, daughter and I went to the lake for a swim. After the initial detox from the drive, we ate cookies and swam around.

Somebody mentioned that we should take a hike up to this natural spring, so in our wet suits we took off. Chris put Lila on his shoulders and the rest of us just kept pace after them. We helped each other climb over rocks and through crevices to emerge by the spring. There we peacefully talked about the birds and hunted for the turtles swimming in the moss. We probably hiked for about an hour in the heat of July and no one complained about the weather, or being wet, or the walk. It was one of the best times.


Listening to my mother singing and talking to the little ones before I really want to get out of bed. Even though she is a yeller, a trait I picked up from her, she has such patience and sings request, tells them stories and pretty much occupies their time in a way that I am only learning. She doesn't mind getting into the play, let's them use her like a large body pillow and doesn't mind watching kid shows 24-7, what more could you ask for in a grandmother or a mother. Oh, and she makes breakfast to boot!


When I first started dating Chris, we went to Springfield with some friends. We left a candle going in the living room and we came back to a living room in flames and a house full of smoke. After the fire department left there was quite a mess, I called our friends and within 24 hrs. we had food, cleaning supplies and manual labor to get the house back in order. While the house isn't all the way finished (Chris has done all the remodeling himself and the back workroom still needs work), I don't know what we would have done without the initial work of cleaning walls, dusting and furniture removal from our very good friends.


A couple of weeks ago a belt fell off my car, while I was heading home. I got home, told Chris the sounds, from that he was able to tell me what belt, went into town to get said belt and replaced the belt in the dark, so I could have the car the next morning. I didn't even know that he did the last part until the next morning as the tiny tot and I had already gone to bed.


My sister, my mother, youngest niece and I traveled around Pennsylvania for a couple of days this summer. One especially great part the this Amish petting zoo, there is nothing cooler than listening to your mother squeal as she and the girls feed animals like llamas and Highland cows.


So, I talk a lot with the teenagers in my classes and I do so because I like them so very much and I value their opinions and insights into how to live in this digital age. One day I was talking to a bunch of girls (they've become my favorite type of group to talk to because I understand that in about 12ish years I will have one of these interesting mystical beings in my household), and we were talking about curfews and clothing and time spent with the opposite sex, I didn't realize how serious our conversation was until one girl said to me, "Wow, you're going to be an excellent mother to your teenage daughter. You get what we're talking about." I looked up, humbled and replied, "I hope to goodness I don't forget it." Another one piped up, "We'll come around to remind you." I love my job because of these moments.


I love picking up the kidlet from daycare. I love that as I'm walking in and talking to others I can see her ears prick up at the sound of my voice and I love that she can't wait for the little gate door to be opened so she can come out and hug me.

Sometimes we're just thankful for our new Dora kitchens!

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  1. I'm thankful for all the days I came walking into that large locker room and could hear my cheerful teacher's laughter coming from the hall, and even more thankful for all the moments she advised me in the ways of thinking and writing that helped mold me into the person I am. :)



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