Thursday, December 23, 2010

"Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend, inside a dog it's too dark to read." ~Groucho Marx

This is it. My first ever official blog post and what is it that I want to talk about, well it's books, of course. The other day I was thinking about the first book I ever chose to read on my own, Strawberry Girl by Lois Lenski, not about the storyline as I don't really remember it...there's a girl, she picks strawberries, there's some sort of turmoil everything turns out happy in the end...but about how I felt reading it quietly to myself on the bottom bunk of our bed. In an apartment full of noise, there were, after all, three girls, reading alone in the semi-darkness of a room lit up only by the sunlight coming in from the corner of the shade was the way I survived and it is the way that I've survived up to this day...reading a good you remember your first read?


  1. Since I have been reading forever, yes, I am older than dirt... it is hard to remember the first book I read..I learned to read from the Bible when I was about 4 years old. The books I enjoyed the most were the Bobbsey Twins books, oh how I enjoyed the adventures of Nan and Bert and Flossie and Freddie!! Then of course, there was Laura Ingalls Wilder, how wonderful it is to live close to Mansfield so I can visit her home and museum whenever I want!!!. Being from a very small town and attending a 3 room elementary school, books really opened up a new world to me and brightened my life.. remember tvs were black and white and only three stations that came on at 6 am and went off before midnight!!! Stephannie, thanks for letting me take a trip down memory lane!!!

  2. I don't remember the very first book I chose to read. But I do remember I really liked The Babysitters Club and The Boxcar Children. Surely I read something before those, though! haha. I also remember The Wayside School books. Gosh, it took me forever to remember the names of those books! All I could remember was that in one of them there was no 13th Chapter because there was no 13th floor in the school. I thought that was strange.

    :) So happy you started a blog! Can't wait to read what else you have to write!!



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