Tuesday, March 4, 2014

50 Books in a Year Book #7: Come Be With Me

My friends and I used to while away our time in the Walden books on the Mall by reading Nimoy poetry aloud to each other in our most dramatic of poetic voices. It was really fun as I'm a firm believer that something can be so bad that it's good, and these poems are so deliciously awful I want to read them out loud to everyone. So, I joined a poetry challenge for 2014 just so I could read as much Nimoy as I could!

Thank-you Open Library for having this book to loan.

And, instead of a careful review, I thought I'd let the book speak for itself.

 Look at these delicious poem titles. "Rocket Ships" is by far my favorite, but the poem that follows comes in at a close second.

I also enjoy this one. What I love, love, love about Nimoy poetry is that there are gems lines in every one. In "I Love You" that line comes at the end, "I miss what I am/When you are here...". True right!?

And, here it is MY favorite. This one also seems to be all the rage on the interwebs. Read it and you can see why, the whole thing is so darned fun and I absolutely adore the last stanza, "I guess I'm just/An old-fashioned/Space-man". I can imagine Nimoy reading this whole poem book out loud. 

I think it would be great if Zach Quinto also read Nimoy poetry out loud, maybe they can work that into the next Star Trek movie.

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  1. I never knew Leonard Nimoy was a poet. That poem about love was beautiful. :)
    (For some reason, no amount of prodding will convince stupid blogger to let me follow you, so I followed with google+)
    Lexa Cain’s Blog



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