Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Day Extravaganza 2013

  1. Creating a lovely Valentine's box isn't as easy as the end project looks. First, I had to dig out the Christmas wrapping paper (thanks sister for buying thousands of extra feet) and then I had to dig through my various scrap-booking supplies. Of course, I did this Saturday morning while the tiny person was sound asleep. I used the box from last year and was sad to see it go. Also that photo in the upper left-hand corner is what Lila did for me last evening...um, she wanted to hole punch something and then she strung the ribbon through the loops. I think she's going to tie her shoes pretty darned early. :)
  2. Modeling the photo-booth glitter kissy lips. She didn't want to wear the mustache...as it is for boys, "probably for daddies"...I'm pretty sure that one day she will see the fun of silly mustaches.
  3. Helping put glitter on all the lips. Frankly, I'm not really sure Valentine's Day is actually coming up if my husband isn't complaining about glitter and glitter isn't getting into the grooves in the dining room table.
  4. I tried to find a project that the kiddo could help me with, so here she is helping me tape the backs of the props, after I showed her what to do (and I pulled out pieces of tape), she could do that pretty much on her own.
  5. The front of the little card is the picture you see below (created in Picasa using the Creative Kit)...the back is simple directions to create a photo-booth in your home. They aren't just for weddings, you know! Frankly, I think I may do one for her next birthday party I loved doing this so much!
  6. The box with the extra kissy lips and mustaches (there are only 10 kids, counting Lila, in her preschool class...not sure what I'm going to do when there are more than 10!) and the completed little Valentine's: Twizzler pull and peels, two props (a mustache and kissy lips, I found those here by the way and used those to make a template and I bought the dowel rods for $.27 at Wal-Mart--they're the 1/8" size and I cut them into 4...all Saturday morning before everyone woke up), the pictures (I wasn't really sure if people would get why they had lips and mustaches with candy for a Valentine's Day card) and directions.
  7. The back of the box. It had to be able to be opened.
  8. Seriously, we've been having fun with our photo-booth props since Saturday. I hope the other kids have fun with theirs.

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