Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I'm Ashamed of Where I Live...Sometimes...

The top sign has been down the road from my  friend's house for a long time, She drives by it everyday she comes to work and, although we talk about and disagree with its sentiment we understand free speech. The bottom sign only went up yesterday, and has already been taken down...this story just makes me ashamed to live where I live, but not surprised at the hatred it spews. I won't even talk about the bumper stickers, or the churches contorting the Bible on their marques. Politics make us kra-kra. Hmm...and, so does race.

Below is the note my friend posted on Facebook with the picture:
Out of curiosity, I called a neighbor to see how long the bottom sign lasted. Although she said it made a number of her neighbors smile, it lasted less than 24 hours and was on a property that supported the message and allowed its placement. Cowardly people who propagate hatred and lies can remove a sign...but they can't keep it from spreading around on the internet. I encourage you to share this image. However people vote on November 6th, I would hope it would be about issues and not about bigotry.

Spread the word.


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