Monday, March 19, 2012

Las Vegas and Los Angeles in 4 days...4...days...

So, I'm going with some friends to the aforementioned cities in about 5 hours.

It will be my first trip without the tiny person since the tiny person came out of my body. I mean I went on trips before she existed and went on trips when she was nicely contained, but since she was born I have taken her everywhere I go. It's been fun and rewarding and challenging...I've liked it a lot.

I feel weird knowing that I am only packing for one on this excursion. I also feel weird knowing that if flight tickets didn't cost one katrillion dollars, we would have taken our usually trip to see our family in DC. Alas, it is cheaper for me to go to LV and LA and rent a car and stay in nice hotels and eat than it is for me to take the tiny tot East. Don't worry we're going on a long family trip in the the car (it will be our first), but for now it's me and my girls and the pool and gambling and the buffet and Hollywood sans the kiddo. I love Las Vegas, but have never been to's only 4 hrs. from LV in a car, and we'll have a car and I have friends there who I miss so...why not...

I feel sorry for my friends, as I'm sure all I'll be doing is sleeping and catching up on my reading!

Spring Break 2012 here I come!

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  1. Have a great trip-just so you know Irish Short Story Week Year Two is extended until March 31!



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